May 20, 2023

What Exactly is Omega Mart in Las Vegas? (Explained Like You’re 5)

By Paul William

May 20, 2023

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Last week, I took a trip to Las Vegas with some friends. Amid our plans for shows and sightseeing, they brought up an unexpected idea: a visit to Omega Mart.

Having never heard of it, I did some quick research and was met with a flurry of confusing images and descriptions. “Is this a grocery store or what?” I wondered. Why do my friends seem hyped to visit a grocery store?

My friends just smiled and said it’d be a surprise worth waiting for.

And indeed it was!

Now, after experiencing it firsthand, I want to share my understanding of Omega Mart with you so you’ll have some idea of what you’re walking into, and not think it’s an actual grocery store.

What is Omega Mart, Really?

To put it simply, Omega Mart is a large interactive art exhibit that feels like a combination of a grocery store, a maze, a futuristic fun house, and an experimental art exhibition with escape room vibes.

It’s an art installation designed by a group of artists called Meow Wolf. But unlike a traditional art exhibit, this one invites you to interact with the pieces and become part of the story yourself (a mystery you’re trying to solve).

When you step inside Omega Mart

When I first stepped inside Omega Mart, it looked a bit like an everyday grocery store. On first glance it was filled with items you’d normally find on supermarket shelves. But something was different.

The products are all absurd — with stuff like from “Corn PM sleep aid” to “Canned Mammoth Chunks,” to Personalized Bleach.

And these unique items were more than just funny labels; they were pieces of a bigger puzzle.

These products and the grocery store section overall are just the tip of the iceberg though.

As you continue walk through the store and open freezer doors, you’ll start to find a number of secret passages that lead you to entirely different futuristic spaces.

After two hours, we were still discovering new rooms and passageways, and I’m sure there were probably more we didn’t find.

I don’t want to add too many pictures here, as I want it to surprise you. But the exhibit is interactive, meaning you can touch and interact with many of the displays. The pieces invite you to explore, discover, and engage with the surroundings.

There are futuristic instruments you can play with your friends, strobe light rooms that record you dancing, and clues littered about helping you solve the mystery of a disappearance related to the Omega Mart story which seems to be a larger parable of society/consumerism overall.

The experience (like most art) encourages you to ask questions, seek answers, and explore the unusual. In a way, you’re not just a visitor—you’re a player in a larger, unfolding story.

My Tips for Visiting Omega Mart

Omega Mart is located in Las Vegas, in an area called AREA15. You do need a ticket to get in. From my experience, it’s best to set aside about 2 hours for your visit because there’s so much to see and discover.

It can be quite a fun experience with a group of friends or family, as you can collaborate to piece together the puzzles and stories or just wander around aimlessly and discover new rooms and fun things to play with.

area 15 skull
When you enter Area 15, you’re greeted by a giant color-shifting skull.

Besides Omega Mart, Area 15 is also home to some bars and restaurants, an overhead zip-line, and some other virtual experiences.

We also saw some other tourists trying a life-sized virtual reality game called BIRDLY where you’re strapped into large mechanical wings and put on a headset, and then can fly through the world in VR like a bird or butterfly.

Is Omega Mart Worth It?

Overall, I found Omega Mart to be worth the price of admission and had a lot of fun. I’m normally not a super “artsy” person, but this was much more fun an engaging than any regular art exhibit. If you’re on the fence, stop by and check it out!

Omega Mart Las Vegas FAQs

Where is Omega Mart in Las Vegas?

Omega Mart is located within AREA15, an experiential retail and entertainment complex in Las Vegas. The exact address is 3215 S Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89102.

How long does Omega Mart take?

The time it takes to explore Omega Mart can vary widely depending on your pace and interest level. On average, visitors spend about 2-3 hours there. However, if you really want to dig deep into the mysteries and fully experience all the interactive elements, it might take longer.

Is Omega Mart a real store?

While the initial entry section of Omega Mart appears to be a grocery store, it is not a typical retail outlet where you would go for everyday shopping. Instead, it’s an interactive art installation designed by the art collective Meow Wolf.

The shelves are stocked with quirky, make-believe products that are part of the overall artistic narrative. You can actually buy some of these quirky products, but they are meant as souvenirs. You will not see any traditional real-world grocery items for sale except for some soda, water, and candy I believe.

The real magic of Omega Mart is the secret rooms you’ll find and the story you’ll explore once you get further into the experience/building.

How much is Omega Mart admission?

Ticket prices for Omega Mart can vary and may be subject to change. As of my last visit (May 2023), general admission for adults was $49, with discounts available for locals.

It’s always a good idea to check the official Omega Mart website for the most current pricing and availability.

How far is Omega Mart from the Strip?

Omega Mart is 2-3 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip, which typically translates to a 10-minute drive, depending on traffic. It’s easily accessible by cab, ride-share services, or personal vehicle. We had no trouble getting an Uber there and back.

Who created Omega Mart?

Omega Mart is created by Meow Wolf, a collective of artists based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They’re known for creating immersive and interactive art installations that invite visitors to become part of a storytelling experience.

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