April 15, 2023

How to Fix the 747 Stuck Throttle Issue in Microsoft Flight Simulator

By Paul William

April 15, 2023

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If you play Microsoft Flight Simulator and are running into the frustrating stuck throttle issue with the Boeing 747, do not fear — I have the answer!

(And no, this issue isn’t a software bug).

We all know that MSFS is the best travel game of all time, but many users have reported a similar problem:

They can increase the throttle to take off, but once in the air, they find themselves unable to manipulate engine speed, making it impossible to slow down or land.

Fortunately, I figured out how to solve this so you can actually slow down and land.

So if you’re MSFS throttle isn’t working, or stops working mid-flight, follow these steps to disengage the locked throttle so you can decrease the thrust and land.

How to Disengage the Boeing 747 Auto-throttle in MSFS

It’s a one step fix:

The solution to this stuck throttle issue is to located the AT/DISC (Auto-throttle Disconnect) button and press it.

Clicking this button will disconnect the auto-throttle and allow you to regain manual control.

internal cockpit view 747 flight sim, showing visually where the AT/DISC button is

There are 2 AT/DISC buttons on the 747, and you can use either one to accomplish this.

The 2 AT/DISC buttons are located to the left side of throttle #1 and to the right side of throttle #4.

Click these buttons and it will disconnect the auto throttle and you’ll be able to manually lower and raise thrust.

It’s worth noting that these buttons are connected to the throttles themselves, so when the throttles are in forward position, the buttons will be further forward on your screen. And when the throttles are pulled back, the buttons will be further back on your screen.

Note: this isn’t a software bug.

The auto-throttle will often be engaged automatically on a Boeing 747 as part of normal operations during specific phases of flight.

So if this happens to you, just disconnect the auto-throttle by toggling the AT/DISC connected to either side of the throttles.

It is quite annoying that there’s no hint of this in the game, and also that the pitch black color of these buttons makes it nearly impossible to find without knowing where there are.

But now that you know the fix for this, let’s get back in the air — then safely on the ground!

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