August 11, 2023

Inside Drake’s Private Jet – Air Drake’s Luxury and Controversy

By Paul William

August 11, 2023

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Known for his chart-topping hits and global influence in the rap industry, Drake’s splendor doesn’t end with his music.

The Canadian-born rapper also boasts an extravagant private jet, dubbed “Air Drake,” a custom Boeing 767 that reflects his opulence and taste.

I first became curious about Drake’s private plane when I heard him drop several aviation references in the song Sicko Mode by Travis Scott, and I’m guessing I’m not the only one.

In this post you’ll learn all about Drake’s private jet, what it’s like inside, how it compares to other celebrity jets.

The Grandeur of Air Drake

Drake’s Air Drake is not your usual celebrity aircraft. Opting for a full-sized Boeing 767 instead of a more conventional Learjet or Gulfstream, he brings commercial-sized luxury into the private aviation space.

His plane honestly makes Taylor Swift’s Dassault Falcon look like a children’s toy in comparison.

The Boeing 767 produced by American aerospace giant Boeing, is a wide-body aircraft typically used for commercial aviation and can accommodate ~200-30 passengers depending on the configuration.

Drake’s version, however, is a tailor-made luxury sky mansion that showcases fewer seats and an abundance of amenities with an estimated price tag of somewhere between $180-242 million.

This Boeing 767 can fly approximately 6,000 nautical miles without refueling, ideal for long-distance international trips between shows.

The Inner Luxury of Air Drake

Upon entering Air Drake, one is greeted with an interior that screams luxury.

The jet includes a master suite with a king-size bed, an entertainment lounge wrapped in top-notch leathers and high-definition screens, and two bathrooms with showers, perfect for Drake to freshen up after a transatlantic journey.

A Peek Into the “Sicko Mode” Lyrics

One of the most interesting glimpses we get into the luxury of Air Drake is through Drake’s feature on Travis Scott’s hit song “Sicko Mode,” where he raps, “Now I hit the FBO with duffles in my hands…767, man, this shit got double bedroom, man.”

The “FBO,” or Fixed Base Operator, refers to private jet terminals offering a more personalized and relaxed travel experience.

As for the “double bedroom,” it signifies the additional and spacious private sleeping quarters inside the jet, hinting at the high level of comfort and privacy Drake enjoys while traveling.

Air Drake’s Tail Number: N767CJ

Drake’s jet, like all aircraft, sports a unique tail number: N767CJ. This identifier is a nod to the jet model “767,” and CJ is a likely hat tip to Canadian airliner Cargo Jet, who supposedly provided the plane to Drake for free.

The N at the beginning is standard convention, as all United States-based tail numbers begin with this letter.

Controversies Around Drake’s Private Jet Ownership and Climate Change

drake private jet short flights

While owning a private jet like Air Drake affords unparalleled travel flexibility, heightened privacy, and comfort, it’s not without contention, mainly due to environmental concerns.

Not too long ago, Drake faced public scrutiny over his jet’s frequent short flights, sometimes as short as 14 minutes, which burned through more than 426 gallons of fuel and created as much carbon emissions as the average person makes in a year.

Drake responded on Instagram stating that this was “just them moving planes to whatever airport they are being stored at… nobody takes that flight.”


Whether it’s the high-end amenities, the long-haul capability, or the insights we glean from Drake’s lyrics, this Boeing 767 is indeed a testament to his lavish lifestyle.

Despite the ongoing debates about private jet usage, the allure of such extravagance in the skies remains undiminished for many.

Air Drake stands as a symbol of the pinnacle of success in the entertainment industry, reflecting not only Drake’s status as a global icon but also the larger cultural fascination with wealth and luxury.

However, it also raises important questions about responsibility and sustainability in an age of growing environmental concerns.

As we marvel at the grandeur of Air Drake, we must also consider the broader impact of such opulence and what it means in the context of our global community.

Whether you admire it for its luxury or criticize it for its excess, Air Drake invites us to think deeply about what success means and how we define it for ourselves.

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