April 3, 2023

Free Points for Coffee Lovers: Delta SkyMiles and Starbucks Team Up

By Paul William

April 3, 2023

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Travel/Coffee enthusiasts, rejoice!

Thanks to a new loyalty program partnership between Delta Airlines and Starbucks Coffee, now you can earn Delta SkyMiles while enjoying your favorite Starbucks beverages.

But even if you don’t drink coffee, you’ll want to stick around. Why?

Because as a bonus, we’ll also be discussing another way for you to rack up free Alaska Air miles and Marriott Bonvoy points (transferable to American Airlines) by using Lyft, Uber, or UberEats services.

These programs are all free, and you’re leaving easy money on the table if you don’t sign up for these set-and-forget partnerships.

In this post, we’ll go over how to sign up for these amazing rewards for your travels, what to expect, and how it will help you multiply your travel life.

More Sips, More Trips: Delta SkyMiles and Starbucks Rewards Team Up

The scoop: Delta SkyMiles and Starbucks have teamed up to make your coffee runs even more rewarding. By linking your Delta SkyMiles and Starbucks Rewards accounts, you can earn 1 mile per $1 spent at participating Starbucks stores.

To link your accounts, follow these simple steps:

example screen grab of the delta starbucks partnership website
  1. Go to the Delta SkyMiles and Starbucks Rewards partnership page.
  2. Enter your first name, last name, and SkyMiles number.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions, and click “Link Accounts.”

Once your accounts are linked, you’ll also enjoy double Starbucks Rewards Stars on Delta travel days. This collaboration means more free cold brew and more beach vacations!

Note that you’ll only earn points on qualifying purchases like food, beverages, and merchandise. Purchases of alcohol, gift cards (physical or digital, Starbucks card reloads don’t count. You also won’t earn miles on taxes and gratuities — only the actual pre-taxpurchase price.

The points should post to your Delta account within 10 business days following the purchase.

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Not A Coffee Fan? Earn with Lyft, Uber, and UberEats Orders:

For those who don’t go to Starbucks, I didn’t want to leave you empty handed. So here are two other programs that may be of more interest:

As a user of ride-sharing services like Lyft, Uber, or food delivery service UberEats, you can now effortlessly earn frequent flyer miles with these two exciting promotions:

Alaska Mileage Plan and Lyft Collaboration:

To accumulate miles quickly, especially if you’re an avid Lyft user, simply link your Alaska Mileage Plan account with your Lyft account. You’ll earn 1 mile per $1 spent on Lyft rides.

woman with phone - decorative. Links to Lyft/Alaska Airlines partnership site

Marriott Bonvoy and Uber Partnership:

By linking your Uber account to your Marriott Bonvoy rewards account (which is free to create), you can earn points on qualifying Uber rides and UberEats food delivery orders.

Protip: Marriott Bonvoy members also get free wifi when they stay at Marriott hotels, so it’s worth signing up either way.

Links to Marriott/Uber partnership page. Decorative

Why You Should Care About Earning Points

Earning points and miles through these partnerships can significantly enhance your travel experience. Here are some reasons why you should care about earning points:

-Reduced travel expenses: Redeeming points and miles can help you save on flights, hotel stays, car rentals, and more, reducing your overall travel costs.

-Travel upgrades: Points and miles can be used to upgrade your flight to business or first-class, giving you a more comfortable trip.

Don’t Miss Out on Free Travel Rewards:

Joining these programs is free and setting up takes less than 5 minutes. So, before indulging in your next Starbucks coffee, hopping on a Lyft or Uber ride, or ordering a meal from UberEats, be sure to link your accounts to begin earning frequent flyer miles and rewards points.

As promotions may be time-limited, seize this opportunity to boost your travel rewards while it’s available. Enjoy your sipping, riding, and dining experiences!

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