April 4, 2023

Crafting the Perfect Blog Post Title: 11 Proven Formulas for a Killer Headline

By Paul William

April 4, 2023

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Hey there, fellow bloggers!

As someone who’s been blogging for a while, I’ve learned that creating amazing content is crucial to growing an audience. But let’s face it, even the most fantastic content can be easily ignored if it doesn’t have a killer title.

Once you easily pick your blog post topic and write your draft, it’s time to grab some eyeballs and take no prisoners!

A captivating blog post title not only grabs readers’ attention but also boosts your search engine rankings.

This is because the Click Through Rate (CTR) of search results (how many people click vs how many people see it in the Google results) is one of the factors that influences what order Google displays blogs in.

In this post, I’m going to share with you 11 tried-and-tested formulas for crafting blog titles that will make your readers want to click and dive into your content.

Whether you’re an experienced blogger or just starting, these title formulas will help you come up with attention-grabbing headlines for every post.

11 Proven Blog Title Formulas to Name Your Blog Post

Note that most of the examples below are travel related clickbait. This is because this site is primarily a travel blog. But the formulas work just the same for any other topic so be sure to play around with your own area of expertise!

1. Number + Adjective + Noun/Topic + Modifier (optional):

  • 10 Must-Visit Restaurants in Paris for Foodies
  • 7 Essential Travel Gadgets Every Digital Nomad Needs

2. “Best” + Noun/Topic + “for” + Specific Audience + Time Frame:

  • Best Travel Apps for Solo Adventurers in 2023
  • Top 5 European Destinations for Family Vacations This Summer

3. Number + Time Frame + Location + “Itinerary” + Modifier:

  • 2 Weeks in Thailand: The Ultimate Backpacker’s Guide
  • 4 Days in Rome: Unforgettable Experiences for History Lovers

4. “Where to” + Verb + “in” + Location + Modifier:

  • Where to Find the Best Street Art in Barcelona
  • Where to Experience Traditional Culture in Kyoto

5. Number + Adjective + Noun/Topic + “from/near” + Location + Modifier:

  • 8 Incredible Hikes Near Vancouver for Nature Enthusiasts
  • 12 Scenic Day Trips from London by Train

6. “My” + Product/Experience + “Review/Experience” + Modifier:

  • My Osprey Backpack Review: Why It’s Perfect for Long-Term Travel
  • My Airbnb Experience in Tokyo: A Cozy Home Away from Home

7. “How to” + Verb + Topic + Modifier:

  • How to Choose the Perfect Travel Insurance for Your Needs
  • How to Pack Light for a Month-Long Trip

8. Product A vs. B + Modifier:

  • Hostels vs. Hotels vs. Airbnb: Finding the Best Accommodation for Your Trip
  • iPhone vs. DSLR: Which is Better for Travel Photography?

9. “Where to Stay in” + Location + Modifier:

  • Where to Stay in Sydney: Top Budget-Friendly Options
  • Where to Stay in Bali: A Guide to the Island’s Best Areas

10. Personal Experience + Modifier:

  • How I Traveled Europe on a Shoestring Budget
  • Lessons Learned from a Year of Solo Travel

11. “The” + Number + “Best” + Noun/Topic + Modifier:

  • The 9 Best Beaches in the Caribbean for Sunseekers
  • The 6 Best Food Tours in Rome for Culinary Explorers

What Exactly Is A Modifier?

I’ve gotten a few questions about what exactly “modifier” means above, so I’ve added some more context:

A modifier in this case is a word or phrase that adds additional information or emphasis to make the title more specific or relevant to your target audience. Modifiers can include adjectives, adverbs, or descriptive phrases that clarify or enhance the main subject of the title.

For example, in the title “10 Must-Visit Restaurants in Paris for Foodies,” the modifier “for Foodies” helps specify that the blog post is targeted towards people who are passionate about food, making the title more appealing to that particular audience.

Similarly, in the title “15 Coolest Day Trips from Berlin (Locals Approved!),” the modifier “Locals Approved!” adds credibility to the post, implying that the day trip suggestions come from people who know the area well.

Using modifiers in your blog post titles can help you:

  1. Narrow down your target audience and cater to their interests.
  2. Make your titles more engaging and enticing, encouraging readers to click through to the post.
  3. Add credibility or a unique perspective to your content.
  4. Differentiate your post from similar content by highlighting a specific aspect or feature.

When crafting your blog post titles, consider using modifiers that resonate with your target audience and enhance the main subject of your title, making it more appealing and relevant.

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The key to an attention grabbing blog post title lies in being creative, relevant, and specific.

Be sure to use relevant and enticing adjectives, as well as specific details to make your titles more appealing to readers. You can mix and match these formulas too, to come up with some pretty unique and hard to copy formats!

So give these formulas a try and tailor them to your blog’s niche to see your traffic grow. A good title should help capture more attention both in search engine results as well as sharing on social media.

I know it can be challenging to come up with titles that stand out from the crowd, but hopefully with these formulas and examples, you’ll soon be a pro at crafting irresistible blog post titles yourself.

Don’t over think it — use what’s proven to work!

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